Eat Drink & Be Merry

For my very first post I decided to document the party I just had.  At the party we all decided to have a goal to reach in the next six months. Mine was to start a blog. So here I am sharing my experiences with words and photos. I hope you enjoy, come back and check out what’s new for time to time.


Here is the invite for the party. I’m all about formal invitations mailed out if you have time. E-vites just don’t seem as personal to me.



I turned the center island of my kitchen into a spread. I used what I had around the house and just kept editing until I liked the way it look. People weren’t expecting it when they walked in. Guest were greeted with a welcome cocktail.


For the floral arrangements I went to Central Market to purchase a pre-made arrangement. However, they are so expensive that I stole a look at one and grabbed similar bunches (3 for $10) and made my own. Voila! 20 bucks vs 65$.


We had a pizza competition. This is mine.


This is the winning pizza !


During prep for the party I went to Costco and purchased pineapples ($2.99) and made infused vodka for the welcome cocktails. So delicious. Totally worth the effort. Your guest will thank you.


For the party favors we all took ceramic mugs and oil-based sharpies and each wrote a positive word that described the others. Bake the mug on 350 for 30 minutes and allow to fully cool before taking them out. It was something nice that will last forever that is very personal. My mug makes me smile.

Overall we had a blast and just had time to talk to each other without interruptions.  That was the goal, so mission accomplished !

-Pretty Haute Girl

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