Nursery DIY

So I am expecting a baby and have started to decorate my little ones nursery. The theme includes birch trees so I guess you could call it a nature theme. I picked the room directly across the hall from my room for easy access.  The walls were all a light slate blue before I painted one a light cream color. It will be my background for the birch tree decals I used.  I got the birch tree decals I used from . The decals are great. They are self-adhesive stickers the can be applied to many different surfaces.

I started by removing all the items from the walls. Then I patched the holes with putty. After that I taped the edges with painters tape (the part I hate the most). I then painted the wall with two coats of a light cream color. After the paint was dry I applied the birch tree decals evenly space alone the wall while varying the widths that I used.  I love the end result of the wall treatment. I originally was using wall paper but would have spent over 500$ on one wall. This little project set me back 200$.

Next  I will get rid of the extra furniture in the room.  Then I will start to layer wall accents and personalized items for the nursery. I of course will document and post that here. I have put the links to the birch trees that I used below.


IMG_4099.JPGMy little helper…

IMG_4114.JPGIMG_4115.JPGIMG_4119.JPGIMG_4123.JPGIMG_4126.JPGIMG_4130.JPGIMG_4136.JPGIMG_4139.JPGIMG_4144.JPGHere he is again helping me finish up by putting on the outlet cover.





Change Up

So I decided to do a little updating to my crib. Starting with the room that the previous owner used as their nursery. It was pink and green and very girly. The ceiling fan even had butterfly details. It had to go. I painted the room a neutral color then replaced the ceiling fan. Not a lot of cash for a guest room that now matches the rest of the house.






-Pretty Haute Girl

Have A Seat

I love fabrics ! I love the texture of a striking textile. So, I love to recover furniture when I see one that catches my attention. I went to Hobby Lobby and found this one on sale. 40% off. I wiped down all the chairs then sprayed with matte black spray paint. I then distressed the edges with sand paper. I finished up by wiping on wax to seal the spray paint.
The cushions were extremely easy. I cut the same square of pattern and centered it over the old cushion and used a staple gun to attach it to the seats.
Really simple for a new set of chairs.


-Pretty Haute Girl








Eat Drink & Be Merry

For my very first post I decided to document the party I just had.  At the party we all decided to have a goal to reach in the next six months. Mine was to start a blog. So here I am sharing my experiences with words and photos. I hope you enjoy, come back and check out what’s new for time to time.


Here is the invite for the party. I’m all about formal invitations mailed out if you have time. E-vites just don’t seem as personal to me.



I turned the center island of my kitchen into a spread. I used what I had around the house and just kept editing until I liked the way it look. People weren’t expecting it when they walked in. Guest were greeted with a welcome cocktail.


For the floral arrangements I went to Central Market to purchase a pre-made arrangement. However, they are so expensive that I stole a look at one and grabbed similar bunches (3 for $10) and made my own. Voila! 20 bucks vs 65$.


We had a pizza competition. This is mine.


This is the winning pizza !


During prep for the party I went to Costco and purchased pineapples ($2.99) and made infused vodka for the welcome cocktails. So delicious. Totally worth the effort. Your guest will thank you.


For the party favors we all took ceramic mugs and oil-based sharpies and each wrote a positive word that described the others. Bake the mug on 350 for 30 minutes and allow to fully cool before taking them out. It was something nice that will last forever that is very personal. My mug makes me smile.

Overall we had a blast and just had time to talk to each other without interruptions.  That was the goal, so mission accomplished !

-Pretty Haute Girl