Nursery DIY

So I am expecting a baby and have started to decorate my little ones nursery. The theme includes birch trees so I guess you could call it a nature theme. I picked the room directly across the hall from my room for easy access.  The walls were all a light slate blue before I painted one a light cream color. It will be my background for the birch tree decals I used.  I got the birch tree decals I used from . The decals are great. They are self-adhesive stickers the can be applied to many different surfaces.

I started by removing all the items from the walls. Then I patched the holes with putty. After that I taped the edges with painters tape (the part I hate the most). I then painted the wall with two coats of a light cream color. After the paint was dry I applied the birch tree decals evenly space alone the wall while varying the widths that I used.  I love the end result of the wall treatment. I originally was using wall paper but would have spent over 500$ on one wall. This little project set me back 200$.

Next  I will get rid of the extra furniture in the room.  Then I will start to layer wall accents and personalized items for the nursery. I of course will document and post that here. I have put the links to the birch trees that I used below.


IMG_4099.JPGMy little helper…

IMG_4114.JPGIMG_4115.JPGIMG_4119.JPGIMG_4123.JPGIMG_4126.JPGIMG_4130.JPGIMG_4136.JPGIMG_4139.JPGIMG_4144.JPGHere he is again helping me finish up by putting on the outlet cover.