Fresh Watermelon Juice

Yum Yum Yum !

Hello there. I decided the other day to make fresh watermelon juice since it’s not something you just run across in the grocery store. It was really simple. I used a strainer, pitcher, and my ninja blender. I always keep my watermelon in the fridge so it was already cold. I cut the meat of the watermelon into small enough pieces to fit several inside the blender pitcher seeds and all. Then I let it rip. ¬†Once there was more room I added more of the watermelon meat and blended again. I then poured the watermelon slush over my strainer into the empty pitcher. This step took patience as it takes a little while for the juice to drain through the strainer. Then you have your fresh watermelon juice ready to serve. If I wasn’t pregnant I would make a killer cocktail. I envision a watermelon margarita. What do you think? ¬†Below are the pics of each step. Hope you enjoy!









-Pretty Haute Girl